Detach - Black Walnut Bath


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For cord-cutting rituals and disconnecting from energetic attachements and people.

(4 oz)

Black Walnut Bath Instructions

  • Draw a hot bath and pour bottle of the Black Walnut Water into the hot bath. Before getting in, exclaim precisely what you are banishing, such as:

    "I now banish and remove all energetic attachments. All energies and entities that have been causing XYZ are no longer welcome and are now banished from my body and my spirit."


    "I now release and wash away all emotions of sorrow and heartbreak. {Name of person} is now washed away from my heart."

  • Get into the water and completely submerge your body and head 9 times. Do not dwell in this water, it is not meant to be a luxurious bath. The residual bathwater now contains energetic attachments.

  • If you only have a shower (or prefer the shower), simply use the bottle to pour the Black Walnut Water over your head and body a total of 9 times.

    If possible, do not rinse your body until the following morning.


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