Refined Master Blend Candle No. 1


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Blended with notes of amber, oud, teakwood, leather, musk, plum, sandalwood, vanilla, and oak, amongst other handpicked scent notes.

The Refined Master Blend Candle No. 1 is the first in a new craft series showcasing the best of The Refined Apothecary's candle reserve. Each candle in this single batch, limited edition series, is numbered and signed by the Master Blender, Marc J. Kelly

The Refined Master Blend Candle No. 1 is a personal blend and a distinctive expression of The Refined Apothecary craft. A hand-selected single-batch candle, it is a one-of-a-kind limited offering. Crafted to reflect the by using a diverse set of scent profiles 

This candle is a must-have in your scent collection! 

Our candles are made with Soy wax. Soy waxes are gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. We only use high-quality phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils.

Disclaimer: Please use care and precautions when using candles. Burn at your own risk. It is recommended to place a lit candle on a heat-resistant coaster/surface to prevent any possibility of heat damage. Refined Apothecary assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to misuse of candles, and candle burning.

Always burn on a heat resistant surface
Avoid Drafty Areas
Do not burn near additional heat sources
Keep wax pool free of debris
Keep burning candles away from children & pets
ALWAYS keep the wick trimmed to prevent soot and smoke from flame
When candle wax has burned down to 1/2" of the base, the candle will become hotter from flame causing heat retention. Exercise caution when burning

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